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Francesco Bussoletti

Francesco Bussoletti – Professional Journalist
Registered in the Italian Association of Journalists of Lazio since 03/07/2008 (

I was born in Rome in 1974 and I worked with the press agency Il Velino until its closure. I also collaborate with La Repubblica and La Stampa Italian newspapers, and the AnalisiDifesa, Cosmo and Forbes Italia magazines.

I was sent as an embedded war correspondent in 2003 when i participated in the mission Antica Babilonia with the Italian Forces in Iraq.

I have also been in field and covered conflicts in Afghanistan (Enduring Freedom and Isaf) and in Lebanon (Unifil) as well as the ones in the Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia) and some of the activities of NATO alongside the armed forces of different countries.

It has been some time now that i have started to follow also cybersecurity, as i consider it one of the main issues linked to the Defense and security in the present and near future. As a matter of fact, I think that the Third World War will be in cyberspace and has already begun. So far it is very similar to the WWI: a war of position, through warfare actions between national actors. The risk is that the conflict grows and becomes uncontrollable, also thanks to cybercrime, which is more and more connected to terrorism or other “national” activities.


I was born in Italy, but have lived till adolescence in Great Britain. Later i returned to my ‘home country’ although afterwards i have wandered a bit all over the world.

I have always been attracted by how things work and the ways to improve them. Although it cannot be seen there is always a way. Even if only one. The passion for computers came thanks to a Christmas present: a ZX Spectrum. From there I started to program in Basic. Afterwards, i moved to the Commodore Amiga, having fun with a group of friends in creating demos and cracking famous games. Finally, with a Pentium 386 DX i discovered the magic world of pc, which i never abandoned since.

Some people consider me an Ethical Hacker, others a white hat, but I don’t like labels. I prefer to call myself a curious person, who doesn’t like it when things are not done properly. And also a person who tries when possible to improve, even without personal benefits.

Over time i have helped several companies and institutions on cybersecurity, blocking malware which exploited flaws in the systems. Including annoying zero-days.

On the web i am known with so various nicknames, that sometimes i have problems in remembering what is my real one. I am not going into more details on myself for two reasons. The first is that it is forbidden by contract. My customers expect from me total confidentiality and the sensitivity of some of my functions require extreme caution. The second is that whoever I am is irrelevant. What is important is what i write and you will judge whether I am another cyber-idiot, who has seen too many films on hackers, or somebody worth listening. Actually reading.

Here, for as long as i will be part of this adventure, i am Nimbus. For some i will be their best friend, for others their worst enemy.

Welcome to my world!

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