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In Evidence

WordPress, 13 plugins are vulnerable to XSS attacks
Cyber ​​Security Experts: PoCs are also in circulation, allowing to easily exploit the flaws. Update your sites now!
Coronavirus, psychosis grows in the Middle East after cases in Iran
Turkey and Pakistan close the borders with Tehran to prevent the spread of COVID-19, while Afghanistan blocks flights and group travels. Iraq fights fake news and jackals.
WordPress, 20,000 sites have been trojanized via theme and plugin
The cyber security experts: The cybercrime goal are two: Multi-pronged SEO to attract more victims and Ad fraud to earn money. The attacker tried also to ensure persistence.
Isis uses Coronavirus for propaganda, but it is a double-edged sword
Supporters of the Islamic State: It is "the punishment of Allah for the infidels". But COVID-19 has already arrived in the Middle East (Iran) and Daesh militiamen in Iraq could be the next victims.
Cyber Warfare, APT34/OilRig and APT33/Elfin cooperated in Fox Kitten Campaign
ClearSky cyber security experts: Iran-linked APTs hit dozens of companies and organizations around the world. They exploit vulnerabilities in systems with VPN-RDP services.
Iraq, maxi ISIS mass grave with remains of at least 1,000 people discovered
It’s in Tal Afar and is perhaps the largest ever found in the country. The Islamic State dumped Shiites-Yazidis, between 2014 and 2017. It confirms the genocide committed by Daesh.



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