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The International campaign against Isis in Syria and Iraq, is in its final stages

The International Campaign Against Isis In Syria And Iraq, Is In Its Final Stages

The International campaign against Isis in Syria and Iraq is at its final stages. Usa special envoy, Brett McGurk, flies to Raqqa and Baghdad to discuss the next steps to be adopted against the Islamic State. Pompeo relates to the Coalition on Thursday

The International campaign against Isis in Syria and Iraq is at its final stages. In these days the special envoy of the Usa, Brett McGurk, was in the two countries to discuss with the local partners on how to end the war against the Islamic State. In the first country, at Raqqa, he met the local authorities and the leaders of the SDF of the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm). In the second, in Baghdad, he spoke to the leaders of the government and armed forces (ISF). On Thursday, the American secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, will meet in Bruxelles 52 members of the International Coalition against Daesh. During this meeting he will take the opportunity to discuss with them the details of the next maneuvers to be carried out to defeat the jihadists in the two countries. At the same time, also the reconstruction, especially at Deir Ezzor, will be discussed. In Iraq and at Raqqa, as a matter of fact, it has already started thanks to women and youngsters, which were the ones that had suffered more during the domination of the militiamen.

Meanwhile, in Syria and Iraq the operations against Daesh continue. In the METV there are the SDF which are moving southwards. Between Anbar and Nineveh, the Coalition and the ISF are bombarding Isis

Meanwhile, in Syria and Iraq the ground operations aimed at defeating Isis definitely. At Deir Ezzor the SDF are continuing to move southwards in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV), along the borders with the neighboring country. As soon as they have liberated the area, the final stage of the operation Round Up will begin: to chase the Islamic State from its last strongholds in the province: from Hajin to Harse. In Iraq, instead, Inherent Resolve and the ISF have started to attack the jihadists in the last pocket of resistance left in the country. The one between Anbar and the province of Nineveh. In the last hours. In fact, the air fighters of the Coalition have launched an attack on the area, killing at least 20 Daesh soldiers. Moreover, the strikes by air and of the artillery are carrying on at the border between the two countries. The objective is to block any attempt to escape or infiltrate.

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