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Terrorism, the Islamic State returns to strike in Iran

The Islamic State returns to strike in Iran. Attack on the Shah Cheragh mosque-shrine in Shiraz

The Islamic State returns to strike in Iran. It does so with an attack on October 26 on the Shah Cheragh mosque-sanctuary in Shiraz, the first since 2018, in which 15 people died and about 40 were injured. The pro-ISIS jihadists claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the aim was to punish the “rawafidh”. The message, the day after the claim, was reiterated on al-Naba, the weekly IS propaganda organ, in which further actions against Shiites in Iran were threatened. Tehran tried to deny the involvement of the militiamen, but the dissemination of photographs of the attacker left no more doubts. The area where the event took place suggests an operation managed by the Iraqi wing of the Islamic State rather than the Afghan wing of ISIS Khorasan Province (ISKP, ISIS-K). This, despite the latter having launched threats against the Islamic Republic in recent months.

The risk is that pro-ISIS jihadists take advantage of the protests to carry out massacres, fueling the escalation of violence in the country

The renewed interest of the Islamic State in Iran is highly dangerous. This, as it risks fueling the escalation of violence in progress in the Middle Eastern country, following the continuous protests by the population, born for the death of Mahsa Amini, but which soon targeted the entire regime. The pro-ISIS jihadists, in fact, could easily take advantage of the demonstrations to carry out attacks in the crowd, causing real massacres, which would throw further fuel on the fire of popular discontent and increase the tension already skyrocketing.

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