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Terrorism, Al-Qaeda new narrative: Trump and supporters are mujahideen

Al-Qaeda new narrative: Trump and supporters are the new mujahideen. In the video “America Burns”, the former president loyalists are the “Daesh of Washingon” and victims of the FBI, Democrats and media war on terrorism

Al-Qaeda changes the theme of its propaganda, putting at the center of its narrative what was until now its main enemy: former US president Donald Trump. In the group’s new video, “America Burns”, it is noted that the tycoon and his supporters are doing the mujahideen work for them. Furthermore, it is stated that “watching Americans destroy themselves brings great joy.” Professor Elisabeth Kendall, an expert on jihadist terrorism, reports on her Twitter profile. Trump supporters are also defined as “Daesh of Washington”, as well as “victims of the war on terror, led by the FBI, Democrats and leftist media.” The video even offers advice to the former US president on how to circumvent the censorship of social media platforms / networks. Finally, the video seeks to fuel internal American tensions, such as those between whites and blacks, rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats, Protestants and Catholics.

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