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Syria, Turkish forces are encircling Afrin from 2 directions in south

Thousands of civilians flee from Afrin, as Turkish forces (TAF) and FSA tighten the siege. Olive Branch increase pressure from south

Thousands of civilians are fleeing from Afrin, as Turkish forces (TAF) and allied of FSA are approaching the area. Meanwhile, Olive Branch artillery is shelling YPG/SDF positions near the Kurd city and the Free Syrian Army has conquered the village of Juwayq. The aim of the Ankara-led operation is to encircle Afrin in a small portion of terrain. That’s why the troops are moving in two directions south of the center. In parallel, the soldiers and the militia are reinforcing and enlarging the area along the border under their control. Especially in north. Furthermore, they are preventing that convoys of displaced civilians enter in the cities captured.

In east Ghouta the Syrian Army captures Jisrin and moves towards Saqba. Civilians continue to flee, while jets and artillery shell the area. Islamic State push forward at Al-Yarmouk

Meanwhile, Syrian Army (SAA) has captured Jisrin in Ghouta east. Damascus troops are now moving toward Saqba. Furthermore the jets and the artillery are shelling the city, Harasta and Zamalka to weaken rebels defence. Meanwhile civilians continue to fleed from the enclave. Yesterday 12,500 people exited thourh the Hamouriyah crossing, and today more than other 2,000 have done the same. After Red Crescent evacuated the injured in the last two days in Douma, SAA started again the operations in the area and conquered Rahyan. In south, in the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp the fighting between rebels and Islamic State continues. But Daesh, Albeit slowly, is advancing in the area.

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