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Syria, Turkey is pushing towards Afrin and laying siege to Jinderes

The Turkish troops together with their Syrian allies move towards Afrin from north east. The SDF are expecting the arrival of reinforcements of the Cizire Storm operation from Deir Ezzor

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) are moving towards internal Afrin in Syria from north east. The military of Ankara and the allies of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the last hours have conquered Metina, Mesale, Kafr Jannah and Qatma. All areas located along the Sharan axis. This is to enable them to move westwards and reach both the village and the dam of Meydanki. At south west, instead, the forces of Olive Branch are continuing to besiege Jandaris, but it seems that the defense lines of YPG/SDF in the city still hold. In the meantime, the fighters led by the Kurds are strengthening security in Afrin, while waiting for the reinforcements from Deir Ezzor. The troops of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) themselves, which were till now busy fighting the Islamic State, have just announced the freezing of the campaign. They confirmed that they would go north west to defend the country from the aggression of Turkey

The TAF and the FSA try to close in on Jinderes and bombard the YPG/SDF military posts at north

Meanwhile, the Turkish air fighters are continuing to bomb the Syrian border region. The last raids have taken place near Miske in the area of Jinderes. The goal of Olive Branch is to weaken the defenses of YPG/SDF in order to prevent them running to give a hand to their comrades in the city. Moreover, there is an attempt to prevent possible attacks from behind, during the TAF and FSA operations to surround the residential area. Actually, these have just taken control of the hill overlooking the urban area, strategical for the offensive, and arrived at the southern gates. If Ankara and its allies manage to conquer it, they will get dangerously closer to Afrin. A that point the Kurdish forces could be attacked from two directions: north and south.

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