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Syria, the SDF still advance against Isis in Hajin. Also Hawamah falls

The SDF, after the fog in Hajin, have restart to advance against Isis. Jazeera Storm takes away more neighborhoods from the Islamic State, including Hawamah, while continuing to evacuate civilians

The SDF still advance against Isis in Hajin. The troops of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), after the fog is over, began to attack the militiamen of the Islamic State, taking away more land. In fact, the mosques Al-firdaws and Al-kubisa have been freed from the jihadists. In addition, Syrian fighters have completely conquered Hawamah, after securing Tall Khaymat. Now the Arab-Kurdish forces are trying to consolidate the posts taken from Daesh along the road that leads from the Deir Ezzor stronghold to the northern suburbs and oil fields. The goal is not to aim directly at the center, but to close the circle around the militia more and more, progressively reducing their area of ​​maneuver. In parallel, the targeted raids of the International Coalition and the evacuations of civilians through the humanitarian corridor, recently opened in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV), continue.

Meanwhile, the SDF in Hajin receive new reinforcements from Raqqa and Tabqa. They will fight on the front line against Daesh in the stronghold of Deir Ezzor

Meanwhile, the SDF in Hajin continue to receive reinforcements from the entire Syrian region. In the past few hours, the Martyr Buthan Battalion arrived at Deir Ezzor. A force of about 300 Syrian fighters, coming from Raqqa and Tabqa whose goal is to help annihilate the last Isis strongholds. The Syrian fighters, who also participated in the early stages of the Jazeera Storm campaign, are well armed and trained. Moreover, they have experience of operations against the Islamic State. According to different sources, they could be sent to the front line in Hajin to relieve the troops who launched the first phase of the attack on Daesh in the city and now have to rest. Moreover, more units are coming to support the Arab-Kurdish forces. They come from both academies and voluntary groups.


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