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Syria, the SDF south of Deir Ezzor reach Susah and attack Isis from east

The battle at the gates of Susah between SDF and Isis is violent. Operation Round Up is at the gates of the city. Meanwhile, the Coalition attacks the Islamic State at Hajin to keep the pressure soaring high

The SDF arrived at Susah in the south of Deir Ezzor. In the last hours a violent battle has been going on between the Syrian fighters and Isis in the eastern suburbs of the city. Meanwhile, the southern axes of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) is continuing to move up in the direction of the stronghold of the quadrant of Baghuz-Shaijla. Shortly an offensive of the Arab-Kurdish force against the Islamic State will start at Safafinah, followed by one at Marashidah. Then the troops will move along the main road to open a new front of anti-Daesh maneuvers at Susah. In the meantime, the International Coalition is carrying out a series of raids at Hajin. The objective is to keep the level of pressing on the jihadists high for two reasons. The first is to prevent them from sending means to support their fellows. The second is to prevent them from organizing efficient surface defenses. The attacks, in fact, are forcing them to hide inside the network of tunnels.

The Syrian army (SAA) is stuck at Suweida. It is not succeeding in driving out the Daesh Militiamen at Al-Safa. However the offensive cannot last much longer

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) is bogged down in eastern Suweida, in an effort to defeat Isis definitively at Al-Safa. The soldiers launched a mass counterattack against the Islamic State, after having lost numerous elements during clashes in the volcanic area in the last hours. The anti-Daesh offensive sees militaries advancing, even if slowly, from north west. In parallel to the ground maneuvers also artillery and air fighters intervened, bombarding the jihadist posts to prevent them from reacting and disturb the movements of the troops. However, these are failing to conquer the area, even though there are only few militiamen left. The topography of the area, in fact, is helping them by providing natural shelters and areas from which they can attack from a safe distance. However, the resources of the terrorists are at the limit. Therefore, presumably the battle will not last for much longer.

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