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Syria, the SDF resume Jazeera Storm against Isis at Deir Ezzor

Surprisingly resumes the Jazeera Storm operation of the SDF against Isis at Deir Ezzor. The Kurds: After the intervention of the allies in the north, we believe it is necessary to arrive at the total defeat of the Islamic State

The SDF offensive against Isis to Deir Ezzor is surprisingly resumed. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops began to attack the Islamic State’s post in Hajin again. This, after the International Coalition bombed the defensive lines of the jihadists, destroying some of their strategic buildings. The Arab-Kurdish forces, however, will fight with new reinforcements from the north east quadrant of Syria. After Turkey’s attacks on border cities, which resulted in the freezing of Kurdish maneuvers against Daesh, there have been “intense diplomatic efforts to end the crisis along the border,” reads a statement from the SDF. Furthermore, “there have been positive interventions by our allies for de-escalation and to focus efforts on the defeat of Isis, as it will contribute to the stabilization of the area. As a result – the document continues – it is necessary to continue operations to get to the final defeat of Daesh “.

Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), although frozen, did not stop at all. So much so that the bombings against Daesh and the special operations of the HATs to flush out the sleeping cells of the jihadists continued

Furthermore, on the freezing of Jazeera Storm, the SDF specified that “only the offensive attacks were stopped” against Isis and Deir Ezzor. “The airstriked against the command centers of the Islamic State have continued, leading to the destruction of several of them and the elimination of several groups of terrorists. At the same time – the document reads -, one of our special units (HAT) conducted an operation with the helicopters of the International Coalition. This led to the arrest of a high commander Daesh in Raqqa. This shows that the jihadists have dormant cells in the liberated areas”. Consequently, “we need to continue this long-term alliance and cooperation to ensure stabilization and prevent the re-emergence of terrorist organizations “in the Syrian province. “The SDFs continue their efforts in the Jazeera Storm operation. They will repulse IS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) and finish the ‘Battle to Defeat Terrorism’ maneuvers, with the final defeat of the Daesh, tracking and destroying its remnants and dormant cells where ever they are.”

SDF for the Syrian Province population: Stay away from the areas of operations and ISIS centers. The militiamen use civilians as human shields and buildings populated as ammunition depots

Finally, the SDF ask for help from the population. In the message the “civil brothers and sisters” are exhorted to avoid the ISIS centers and to stay away from the possible areas of operation”. Islamic State terrorists “force civilians to gather in specific places, using them as human shields and buildings populated as ammunition depots. Therefore, we ask everyone to take every possible measure to evacuate areas of operations “. Instead, in the face of Turkish attacks, we “invoke on using the language of logic and reason, ensuring that we are calling for peace. Not posing a threat to anyone, and we fully know that dialogue is the best way to provide the necessary solutions to all our problems “.

The SDF statement

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