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Syria, the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin should take off in a few days

Syria, The SDF Offensive Against Isis At Hajin Should Take Off In A Few Days

The offensive of the SDF against Isis at Hajin will take off within a few days, probably even by the end of the week. The Syrian army (SAA) will also participate with containment functions of Daesh

At Deir Ezzor the SDF and their partners of the International Coalition are finalizing the last details before the offensive against Isis at Hajin. After the maxi arrival of supplies for the troops of the Operation Round Up, the units are setting up the forward operating bases (FIB) from where to direct the maneuvers and provide the necessary support. Also, humanitarian corridors are being created, to enable the population to escape from the conflict zone with the Islamic State, as well as collecting points for the refugees. Always keeping in mind security. Here, in fact, the Arab-Kurdish forces will conduct capillary screening to find any possible Daesh jihadists camouflaged among the civilians. Most probably the attack will take place within a few days (perhaps already by the end of the week) and will by carried out in various sectors in the north and in the east. Beyond the Euphrates, the Syrian army (SAA) will stop any attempt of the fundamentalists to take refuge at Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) to go towards the west.

Meanwhile, the Operation Round Up asses the results of the maneuvers in which the Islamic State was defeated in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) at the border with Iraq

Meanwhile, the SDF announce the result of the campaign against Isis in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV), from Dashisha and Hasakah towards south, along the border with Iraq. During the anti-Daesh maneuvers 71.360 kilometers of land were liberated as well as the entire desert of Deir Ezzor. The villages in the area were also cleared from mines with the cooperation of the militiamen of the Islamic State captured, who thanks to the human treatment received in the Kurdish prisons, revealed to the Operation Round Up where the mines had been placed. In all the jihadists lost during the maneuvers 16 emirs and 418 elements (confirmed dead), without counting the injured and the 29 terrorists captured. The Arab-Kurdish forces, instead, suffered only 4 losses and 22 injured. In the battle against the fundamentalists, finally, numerous vehicles, weapons and ammunitions were confiscated. From Humvee to tanks, Kalashnikovs, machine guns and rocket launchers. Also equipment for communication, cameras and computers were found.

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