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Syria, the SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin is imminent

The SDF offensive against Isis at Hajin is imminent. Operation Round Up receives more than 200 trucks of supplies in view of the attack against the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor

At Deir Ezzor x day is approaching, when the SDF will launch the final offensive against Isis at Hajin. Numerous sources reveal that a maxi convoy of over 200 trucks arrived carrying supplies for the Operation Round Up, in anticipation of the beginning of the anti-Daesh maneuvers in the city east of Euphrates. Meanwhile, the Arab-Kurdish forces are continuing to clear the area from explosives and mines placed by the militiamen of the Islamic State. The objective is to allow the local population to return as soon as possible to their homes. Moreover, work is being carried out to create escape corridors for civilians in the battle area. As has happened in other cases, these will be escorted to safe territories and later gathered in camps where they will receive care and assistance. In the meantime they will be subject to screening to check whether there are militiamen hidden among the refugees.

The Syrian army (SAA) tightens the siege on Daesh at Suweida from various directions. The first objective is to take Al-Safa and Al-Rahba to close the jihadists in a cul de sac

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) is carrying on with its offensive against Isis at Suweida. The soldiers of Damascus advance in the direction of the centre of the pocket of resistance of the Islamic State from various sides. In parallel, the air components are continuing to bombard the area, attacking the defensive lines of the Daesh jihadists. These in turn reply to the military assaults by sending Inghimasi, whose role is to injure as many as possible in order to slow the enemy’s mobilty. In the last hours a command of 3 elements attacked an advanced post of the SAA, killing 4 soldiers and injuring 5. According to local sources two jihadists died and a third one was captured. The first goal, almost achieved by the troops, is to reach Al-Safa and Al-Rahba to drastically reduce the freedom of movement of the militiamen in the quadrant and lock them in a cul de sac.

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