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Syria, the SDF kill an Isis senior leader and a spokesperson at Deir Ezzor

Syria, The SDF Kill An Isis Senior Leader And A Spokesperson At Deir Ezzor

The SDF in Deir Ezzor kill a senior leader and an Isis spokesperson, resuming their progress against the Islamic State. Daesh had launched surprise attacks, thanks to the reinforcements arrived from Abu Kamal, controlled by the Syrian army (SAA)

The SDF at Deir Ezzor have achieved a double success against Isis. In a few hours they killed a high commander of the Islamic State, Abu Adham al-Shami (aka Tareq Jaber Mukhalaf al-Ahmad al-Jabara), and one of the spokespersons. Both died in the Hajin area. In addition, during Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) offensive to Safafinah, Daesh lost at least 35 items over the weekend. So much so that the Syrian fighters have conquered the area around the water channel north of Baghuz. Nevertheless, the surprise offensives of the jihadists, which occurred during the sandstorms, still have consequences. The attacks took place thanks to the reinforcements received by the militia from the west. These moved from the Badia desert, crossing undisturbed the whole quadrant of the province controlled by the Syrian army (SAA), and then passed the Euphrates north of Abu Kamal to join their comrades.

ISF lock all borders between Iraq and Syria from possible Daesh infiltrations and thwart jihadist terrorist attacks in Turkey, Iran and Suleimaniyah governorate

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Syria-Iraq border, the ISF launched a targeted operation against Isis. Objective: to annihilate the last pockets of the Islamic State along the boundaries. Maneuvers are underway in a quadrant of more than 120 miles from Qaim to Tal Fafaq. Furthermore, a meeting has just been held between the International Coalition and the Seventh Division commander of the Iraqi Army to discuss upcoming actions against Daesh. The ISF and the intelligence of Baghdad, however, have also been the protagonists of another anti-jihadist operation in the East of the country. The Interior Ministry announced that it has thwarted potential IS terrorist attacks in Iran and Turkey. “A team has infiltrated the group and provided information on its moves,” confirmed the 007 chief Abu Ali al-Basari, quoted by the SNG agency. He added that Isis was planning attacks in Turkey, Iran and the Suleimaniyah governatorate.

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