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Syria, the SDF in Deir Ezzor killed 651 Isis members in just one month

Syria, The SDF In Deir Ezzor Killed 651 Isis Members In Just One Month

The SDF south of Deir Ezzor killed 651 Isis elements in just one month. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), on the other hand, lost 37 elements and expelled the Islamic State from all over Baghuz

Hundreds of ISIS militiamen have been killed by the SDF in the last month of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) south of Deir Ezzor. Syrian fighters carry out an assestment on the maneuvers for the period 11 September-10 October 2018 against the Islamic State in the province. During this period the entire quadrant of Baghuz was freed, and sieges began in Hajin and Susah. Further south, moreover, the Arab-Kurdish forces have almost totally driven out the jihadists of the Islamic State from Safafinah and Marashidah. Overall, there have been 58 battles so far between the SDF and Daesh, in which 651 terrorists have lost their lives. To them are added 6 others captured by the troops, who have lost only 37 elements. These, however, with the support of Inherent Resolve have destroyed many buildings, assets and means IS. Including headquarters, bases and tunnels.

The Syrian army (SAA) resumes the offensive against Daesh in Suweida. But the local population, strategic to get to Al-Safa, protests for the situation of hostages

Further west, however, the clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and Isis in Suweida resumed. This after a few days’ stop following the protests of the population on the situation of hostages held by the Islamic State. The jihadists, in fact, had given the SAA an ultimatum. If the operation had not stopped, the civilians in the hands of Daesh would have been killed. The military stopped for about a week, even though air raids continued. Then, however, resumed the offensive in Al-Safa unleashing the ire of the local inhabitants. Above all those of relatives of the kidnapped people. For Damascus it is a problem, as losing their support means lengthening the time of the operation to definitively defeat the terrorists. Without any guarantee of success. All the results obtained so far, in fact, are due to the intervention of the population, which has taken up arms for revenge against IS.

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