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Syria, the SDF in Deir Ezzor attack again Isis in Hajin and Baghuz

The SDF offensive against Isis at Deir Ezzor also resumed on the ground. Jazeera Storm attacks the Islamic State in Hajin and Baghuz, even if reinforcements have not yet arrived. The momentum must be exploited

The SDF offensive against Isis at Deir Ezzor also resumed on the ground. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops began to attack the Islamic State in Hajin and Baghuz. So much so that about fifteen jihadists surrendered to Syrian fighters in Bahra. This, despite the reinforcements from the north-east have so far only partially reached. The goal is to exploit the momentum awaiting new arrangements. Many of the militia, who came from the west of the Euphrates with surprise attacks during the last sandstorm, do not know the territory. Therefore, their offensive capacity is limited. So, it is necessary to take advantage of it to recover land. In fact, in parallel with the ground assaults, the International Coalition continues to bomb the Daesh posts from Hajin to Sha’fah. Iraqi ISF, on the other hand, are involved in targeting those in the Baghuz area and blocking terrorist attempts to cross-border the two countries. In particular in Qaim.

The Syrian army (SAA) is literally mired in the mud at Suweida. The operation against Daesh in Al-Safa slows, waiting for better weather conditions

Meanwhile, the Syrian army offensive (SAA) against Isis in Al-Safa is complicated in Suweida (Sweida). In the area there were violent rains, which filled it with mud. This has meant that the movements of the Damascus troops are slowed and in some cases stopped, forcing the military to limit the attacks on the Islamic State. So, the forces would be an easy target for jihadists, barricaded in the volcanic area. The only assets able to hit Daesh without taking risks, however, for the moment are the artillery and the fighters. In fact, these are firing relentlessly against militia posts. As the weather conditions improve, the SAA will resume progress.

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