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Syria, the SDF in Deir Ezzor are preparing for the mass offensive against Isis

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are preparing to launch a maxi offensive against Isis in Hajin. Objective: to expel the Islamic State from the territories taken during the sandstorm. Also participating are the Coalition, the Sand Hippos and the Iraqi ISF

The SDF in Deir Ezzor are preparing to launch a mass offensive against Isis in Hajin. In the past few hours, are arrived in the area reinforcements for Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) from Hasakah, Manbij and Raqqa. About 300 other Syrian fighters arrived from Kobane together with troops from the International Coalition. They are likely to launch a combined attack throughout the eastern part of the province, recently taken by the Islamic State during the last sandstorm. Daesh militiamen, who received reinforcements from the Badia desert passing through Abu Kamal, will not be able to resist a prolonged siege. In fact, they have already begun to withdraw from the more peripheral areas of Baghuz. This after having already lost many elements in the last battles against the Arab-Kurdish forces and the Sand Hippos, a mysterious group that is sowing terror in the ranks of the jihadists.

Meanwhile, in the Syrian province Daesh suffers constant bombing by Inherent Resolve, Jazeera Storm and the Baghdad fighters. They also drop leaflets, urging the jihadists to surrender before it’s too late

In advance of the maxi offensive against Isis and Deir Ezzor, both the SDF and the International Coalition, are carrying out continuous bombing campaigns against militia posts. Inherent Resolve, only in the last week, conducted more than 180 strikes on Islamic State targets in the area. The numbers are higher than the total ones launched adding up all of July and August. Jazeera Storm, on the other hand, strikes Daesh with the artillery in the same way as the ISF, which have massed along the borders between Syria and Iraq. Their goal is to prevent the jihadists from Baghuz from attempting to encroach into the neighboring country. In addition, Baghdad fighters attack terrorists in the area and continue to drop leaflets, urging IS members to surrender before the Arab-Kurdish forces offensive.

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