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Syria, the SDF have liberated all Baghuz from Isis and now point north

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have expelled Isis from the entire Baghuz area. Furthermore, they quickly advance against the Islamic State in Safafinah and Marashidah

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have expelled Isis from the entire Baghuz area. The forces of Operation Round Up (Cizire Storm) freed the area in two weeks of battle against the Islamic State. Now they are concentrating on Safafinah, where they have gained control over more than half the town, and in Marashidah. Here they arrived in the suburbs and push Daesh towards the inner areas. The militia, no longer holding the pressing enemy, began to retreat to the north, in the direction of Susah, Sha’Fah and Hajin. Their escapes, however, are monitored by the International Coalition which, as soon as a window of opportunity presents itself, the jihadists across the quadrant. So much so that in the last hours there have been over 20 IS terrorists killed. Both by the Syrian fighters and by the fighters and artillery of Inherent Resolve.

The Russian military arrived in Deir Ezzor and stationed at Mayadeen and Abu Kamal, coordinating with the Iraqi ISF and pro-Iran militias to protect the borders from Daesh. Perhaps they have the S-300s. Objective: to prevent Israeli attacks on Tehran bases

Meanwhile, the Russian military arrived in Abu Kamal to stand up as Isis opposing force west of the Euphrates. The commanders met with pro-Iranian militia leaders and the Iraqi ISF to discuss border control south of Deir Ezzor, in anti-Daesh key. The soldiers of Moscow, however, it seems that they will bring with them – as reported by some newspapers – even the anti-aircraft defense systems S-300, recently arrived in Syria. The hypothesis is that Damascus wants to protect the area from possible Israeli air raids, in particular on assets linked to Teheran. If the indiscretion is confirmed, it means that the Islamic Republic forces have found a new headquarters. In fact, these have recently abandoned their main (T4) in the south quadrant of the country, Mayadeen and Abu Kamal. The most likely hypothesis is that they will place it close to the Russian troops, to make it harder to attack it.

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