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Syria, the SDF have driven Isis out of some areas of Susah in Deir Ezzor

Syria, The SDF Have Driven Isis Out Of Some Areas Of Susah In Deir Ezzor

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have already driven Isis from some areas of Susah and continue towards the center. The Islamic State uses a sandstorm to counterattack en masse, but Jazeera Storm blocks the attempt

The SDF south of Deir Ezzor have entered Susah, and already driven Isis out of some areas of the city. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) has advanced within the Islamic State stronghold in the last hours, forcing the jihadists to fall back to the center. The Syrian fighters, in fact, have conquered some peripheral districts, and are strengthening them. Daesh militiamen, taking advantage of a sandstorm that struck the area, attempted a mass counterattack against the Arab-Kurdish forces. This in order to recover the lost positions. But they were rejected with losses after having resumed a few areas. The terrorists counted on the fact that, due to the weather conditions, air support to ground troops would be limited. The artillery, however, did not stop and continued to bomb the IS positions. As a result, their offensive has been blocked.

Daesh attempted the same maneuver against the Syrian Army (SAA) west of the Euphrates and the SDF in Hajin. The militiamen, however, were rejected everywhere

Isis, taking advantage of the sandstorm, also attempted to attack the Syrian Army (SAA) west of the Euphrates. The militiamen of the Islamic State attacked SAA positions in the Hasarat and Mayadeen areas. These, however, after a first moment in which they seemed to prevail due to the surprise effect, were rejected with losses. So much so that they had to withdraw beyond the river. Moreover, with a negative balance sheet, as the soldiers lost about half a dozen men, while the Daesh jihadists over ten. Same speech in Hajin. The militiamen temporarily resumed some areas of the city, but shortly afterwards they were again defeated and driven out of by the SDF, who also resumed their progress towards the center.


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