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Syria, the SDF attack Isis near Ash Shajlah at Deir Ezzor

The SDF launch the attack against Ash Shajlah, after having freed Baghuz from Isis in only 3 days’ fighting. At the same time they are clearing the pockets of resistance of the Islamic State in the area

The SDF at Deir Ezzor attack Isis near Ash Shajlah. The troops of the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) moved to the edge of the city, leaving a few units at Baghuz to finish clearing the last pockets of resistance of the Islamic State. In the city only few militiamen are left, hidden in the houses, and desperately trying to escape towards the north of the Syrian province. The Arab-Kurdish forces eliminated 19 of them in the area between the two towns. Meanwhile, they are clearing the territory from mines and improvised explosive devices (IED) disseminated by Daesh to slow down the enemy’s movements. However, these have proved insufficient. The Syrian fighters, as a matter of fact, liberated the stronghold after only 3 days of fighting, even if intense, with a balance of very few victims. The IS instead, lost dozens of militiamen, plus those captured and plus the ones who surrendered.

At Hajin, Daesh militiamen continue to surrender in mass. In the last 48 hours at least 50 of them handed themselves over to Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm)

Meanwhile at Hajin the Isis militiamen are continuing to surrender to the SDF in mass. In the last 48 hours at least 50 jihadists of the Islamic State have chosen to lay down their arms and surrender to Syrian fighters. Operation Round Up is continuing to advance at the edge of the city reducing the operating space for Daesh day by day. The network of tunnels of the terrorists, the IED and the snipers bring them some advantages but are unable to stop the offensive. The Arab-Kurdish forces, indeed, slow down the maneuvers but are unable to stop them. They are proceeding cautiously both to avoid the mines and to help civilians to escape from the area of conflict, through the humanitarian corridors created previously. As of today over a thousand local inhabitants managed to leave the city and was safely transferred to the camps at Al-Bahra.

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