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Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor have almost driven Isis out also of Susah

Syria, The SDF At Deir Ezzor Have Almost Driven Isis Out Also Of Susah

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have almost completely ousted Isis da Susah, controlling over 80%. Furthermore, the siege of the Islamic State in Marashidah started. The goal is to divide and isolate each individual stronghold

The SDF in Deir Ezzor have almost completely ousted Isis da Susah, of which they now control over 80%. The stronghold of the Islamic State is completely isolated and the militia inside have no escape routes. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops are progressing within the city, consolidating every space taken away from the jihadists. In addition, Syrian fighters launched the siege of Marashidah, and then hit Daesh also in Safafinah. The goal of the Arab-Kurdish forces is to create many isolated areas to be attacked one by one, in order to free them more easily. Once the maneuvers are over, they will head farther north towards Sha’Fah and Hajin. Here in the meantime the pressing on terrorists is maintained, both with actions on the ground and with air raids. This is to prevent them from sending reinforcements and supplies to their troubled companions.

Damascus deals with Daesh for the liberation of the hostages in Suweida. They are the weapon togrip the Druze. In exchange for their return home, in fact, about 60,000 young people from the province will have to enlist in the Syrian army (SAA)

Meanwhile, in the west, negotiations between Damascus and Isis – mediated by Russia – continue for the release of hostages held in Suweida. The Islamic State militiamen gave the Syrian army (SAA) a list of 90 detainees to be released, as a second point of the agreement. The first was the stop of all military operations in the area and in particular in Al-Safa. The regime of Bashar Assad has accepted, but in the meantime has forced the local population to a halter arrangement, as a condition for returning hostages (women and children) back home. About 60,000 boys from the province will have to enlist in the SAA. This will allow the government to ward off attempts by the Druze, the majority ethnic-religious group in the area, to autonomy. In case of any attempt, in fact, their own children, brothers and friends would be sent to the area to fight them.

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