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Syria, the SDF at Deir Ezzor attract Isis into a trap using the sandstorm

Syria, The SDF At Deir Ezzor Attract Isis Into A Trap Using The Sandstorm

The SDF at Deir Ezzor attract Isis into a trap, exploiting the sandstorm. Jazeera Storm withdraws from Susah, Marashidah and Safafinah, bringing the Islamic State out into the open. Then, bomb the militiamen

The SDF at Deir Ezzor have set a trap at Isis, exploiting the sandstorm. Syrian fighters withdrew temporarily from Susah, Marashidah and Safafinah, knowing that the Islamic State would launch a mass counterattack due to climate conditions. When the jihadists found themselves out in the open, Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) hit them with artillery and fighters from the International Coalition. Thanks to this, at least 37 militiamen of the Islamic State were killed and several buildings conquered. The Arab-Kurdish forces know, in fact, that as soon as the atmospheric phenomenon is over, the terrorists will flee again to the “safe” territories. These know, as happened in the past, not being able to resist a prolonged pressing. As a result, they lured them into a trap with the bait of withdrawal, to get them out in the open and annihilate them, reducing the danger to civilians in the area.

In Suweida suddenly resumes the Syrian army offensive (SAA) against Daesh, despite the truce mediated by Russia. Perhaps some impediment has arisen

Meanwhile, something moves in West. In Suweida, clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and Isis in the area of ​​Al-Safa suddenly resumed. The Damascus fighters bombarded Islamic State posts in the area and the soldiers resumed their progress against the jihadists. This is despite a kind of truce between the SAA and Daesh, which provides for the halt of all operations in the area, the release of 90 militiamen and the transfer them to a safe area, in exchange for the release of hostages kidnapped by terrorists i last 25th July. The agreement, brokered by Russia, also foresaw that the local population should commit itself to enlisting about 60,000 young people in the SAA, against the return of the abductees to their homes. At the moment it is not clear what happened, even if the most probable hypothesis is that some last-minute impediment was born. Perhaps on the names of prisoners to be released.

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