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Syria, the SDF are inside Hajin. Tough fight against Isis

Syria, The SDF Are Inside Hajin. Tough Fight Against Isis

The SDF fight Isis in Hajin. Jazeera Storm had never gone so far inside the stronghold of the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor. The jihadists counterattacked thanks to a thick fog, but they were rejected

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are fighting Isis inside Hajin. The troops of Jazeera Storm have entered the stronghold of the Islamic State and are located about 150 meters from the entrance to the city on the main road. At the moment there are violent clashes between Syrian fighters and Daesh militiamen throughout the area. The latter, taking advantage of a thick fog, attempted a counterattack, but were rejected by the Arab-Kurdish forces, who maintained their positions. Now they wait the sun to resume progress in the area. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues to bomb the jihadist posts in the quadrant, to prevent possible ambushes or reinforcements for terrorists. This is the first time that the SDF have gone so far inside the inhabited center, since the Round Up operation began.

Meanwhile, the Arab-Kurdish forces evacuate the population in the areas controlled by Daesh. From Susa to Hajin, where over 100 civilians have been saved in recent hours. IS, on the other hand, loses other commanders. The last is the Albanian Abu Osama al Albani

The SDF, however, in addition to attacking Isis are also evacuating civilians from the hot areas of Hajin. Only in the past few hours, over 100 have been saved and escorted to safe areas in the Syrian province, thanks to humanitarian corridors. A similar initiative took place in Susa, where the Arab-Kurdish forces managed to create an escape route for the population from the areas controlled by the Islamic State. There are no precise figures, but several sources report that the route is active and that dozens of local inhabitants have already taken advantage of it. Daesh, however, fails to react and continues to lose leaders, captured or killed. The last in order of time is the Albanian commander IS Abu Osama al Albani, who died in the fights against Jazeera Storm near Hajin.

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