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Syria, the SDF and the Coalition eliminate the Isis deposits of ammunitions at Hajin

Syria, The SDF And The Coalition Eliminate The Isis Deposits Of Ammunitions At Hajin

The SDF offensive at Deir Ezzor aims at the ammunition deposits of Isis. Their objective is to undermine Daesh’s ability to resist between Hajin and Sousa

The offensive of the SDF and the Global Coalition against Isis at Hajin is now aiming at the deposits of ammunitions of the Islamic State. During the last hours many of them were destroyed south of Ezzor and in particular at Sousa and Sha’fah. First Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) blocked all the Daesh supply and communication routes in the area. Then, they started to eliminate the supplies of the jihadists in the Syrian province. The objective is to reduce their ability to resist the siege, before the invasion on a large scale of the area, and to prevent them from receiving external assistance in the quadrant. This will begin as soon as possible, even at the request of the local population. Civilians, in fact, urged the Arab-Kurdish forces to attack as soon as possible the stronghold and chase the terrorists out from the entire Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV), definitively so that they can go back to their homes.

The Islamic State attacks the military posts of the Syrian army (SAA) at Abu Kamal, however their main purpose is to implement internal propaganda

Meanwhile, Isis is continuing to launch attacks against the Syrian army (SAA) at Abu Kamal, trying to break the defense lines. The Daesh jihadists disseminated images of snipers firing on the soldiers, but not of the results of their operations. Moreover, they carried out sporadic raids at Deir Ezzor against the SDF. It is, however, more than anything else operations for internal use. The attacks, as a matter of fact, have not produced consistent results but only a few photos and videos. These are used instead to try to keep up the fighters’ morale, really low after the defeats of the Islamic State in all of Syria. The other stronghold, the one at Suweida, is about to fall, and so only the pocket of resistance of Badia and the area between Hajin and Harse remain.

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