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Syria, the SDF advance against Isis in the MERV and the SAA against the FSA at Daraa

The SDF of the Operation Round Up advance against Isis in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) towards south, and at the same time they keep pressing on the Islamic State at Hajin

The SDF at Deir Ezzor, launch a blitz against Isis at Hajin, and advance in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV). The troops of the Operation Round Up in the north of the MERV entered Sawh Al-Buwafru from Al-Turaykhim. They also chased the Islamic State out from the village of Afrah. In the south, instead, they are at a step from the Daesh stronghold at Al-Rawdah. All the maneuvers in the valley are carried out in collaboration with the Iraqi security forces (ISF) and with the International Coalition. The first use their artillery to attack the posts of the jihadists along the border with Syria. In the last days they also destroyed some of the jihadist militiamen tunnels between the two countries. The second carry out targeted raids to crush the defensive lines of the terrorists and to prevent possible attempts of surprise counteroffensives. Inherent Resolve, in fact during the week between 9 to 15 July carried out 11 strikes in Syria and 3 in Iraq.

The Syrian army (SAA) takes away from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) the last bih city at Daraa: Nawa, strategical because of its fortified hills. Meanwhile they bombard Daesh at Tasil

In the meantime, also the sir raids against Isis at Tasil, west of Daraa, have increased. The air fighters of Damascus and of Russia are heavily bombarding the area to force the militiamen of thd Islamic State to escape southwards, towards the border with Jordan. Daesh, however, as usual is holding civilians as prisoners, so that they can use them as human shields. First against the air force of the enemies. Then against the ground force, the Syrian army (SAA), which is approaching the area of Nawa. The city, which was in the hands of the rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), surrendered to the government forces and has become one of their strategic bases thanks to its fortified hills. It was the last of the big centers left still under the control of the FSA in the province.

Israel is concerned for the proximity of the SAA and its allies to the Heights of Golan. The area is in high alert and nothing and nobody is allowed to go near its boundaries

Meanwhile, the approaching of the SAA and of its allies (first of all Iranians) to the Heights of Golan in the area of Daraa, worry Israel, which has increased its defenses. The fear is of possible contacts with the rebels or the soldiers, to try to infiltrate Isis militiamen or the use of drones on the country from the hills of Nawa. The entire quadrant along the border with Syria is in fact in high alert and the government has already given precise orders in this sense: to hit and destroy anything which can be considered “hostile” and stop any attempt of approach to the boundary.

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