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Syria, the Sand Hippos eliminate at least 5 Isis leaders at Deir Ezzor in a week

The Sand Hippos at Deir Ezzor have eliminated many Isis leaders, who join those arrested by the SDF and the Coalition

In Deir Ezzor the Sand Hippos have intensified their hunting activities of the Isis commanders. In recent days there have been several arrests and killings of leaders of the Islamic State in the Syrian province. Some have been attributed to joint units of SDF commandos and the International Coalition. Others, however, remained in the mystery. It’s unclear who is responsible, but it is certain that these Daesh leaders are dead. It is believed to be the work of the “ghosts”, the mysterious group that for months silently sows terror among the jihadists. Whether with blitz against installations or with abductions and targeted killings. First against low-level leaders, then to climb up to the top. The only traces left are the group logo, painted with spray paint on the destroyed targets or in the places where it hit.

The same militiamen of the Islamic State unconsciously help the “ghosts”. Either by reducing the presence of elements in the city, intended to attack Jazeera Storm, or burrowing to avoid bombing. Moreover, the Sand Hippos also exploited the bad weather conditions

The ISIS militiamen themselves unknowingly provided tactical advantages to Sand Hippos. Their recent mass surprise attacks north of Hajin, harnessing the bad weather conditions, have diminished the protection and vigilance within the cities controlled by the Islamic State. Conditions, however, used by the same invisible commandos to their advantage. Moreover, the responses of Jazeera Storm and the allies forced the Daesh jihadists to lock themselves in safe places, often separating and in small groups, to avoid the constant bombings. These two elements allowed the “ghosts” to infiltrate more easily in the populated centers. To hit and then leave the area in the shade, unnoticed. The consequence was the death of at least five middle and high level leaders in the ranks of IS in less than a week.

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