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Syria, the offensive of SDF against Isis at Hajin starts with a blitz

Syria, The Offensive Of SDF Against Isis At Hajin Starts With A Blitz

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are carrying out a set of blitzes at the gates of Hajin. The objective is twofold: to keep the pressing on Isis at the highest levels, and to prepare the ground for the imminent land invasion of the Daesh stronghold

The offensive of the SDF against Isis at Hajin has started as a surprise in the province of Deir Ezzor. The forces of the Operation Round Up have started a few hours ago to carry out raids on the suburban area of the Daesh stronghold, gaining ground at each assault. The objective is to take away from the Islamic State as much land possible and then launch an attack in mass on the city. The last blitz made it possible for Syrians to conquer another kilometer of ground and to clear 38 buildings from the possible presence of jihadists or of improvised explosive devices (IED). The ones found and disarmed were 17. Although these operations are not of the disturbing kind, they guarantees two results: the militiamen are constantly under the highest pressure and a road is prepared for the safe arrival of heavy vehicles, essential to provide support and protection for the Arab-Kurdish troops when they will invade the area in mass.

The Islamic State is powerless against the Operation Round Up. If the jihadists move some elements, these are immediately traced and eliminated by the enemy ‘s air fighters. The only option they have is to sacrifice ground in the hope of resisting longer

While the SDF launch fast attacks against the Islamic State at Hajin, the International Coalition and the Iraqi allies continue bombing the Daesh stronghold. Following this, the militiamen are forced to run from one side to the other of the city to try to defend it. Revealing themselves to the “eyes” of the air fighters, which can identify and attack them. The only way for the jihadists to save their units and move them the least possible in unprotected areas. But by doing this, they are gradually forced to dismantle the more suburban parts of the residential area. These are rapidly and promptly conquered by the syrian fighters. Moreover, the terrorists are isolated and therefore cannot count on external aid. As a consequence, they are forced to “sacrifice” ground to try to resist as long as possible. They know, in fact, that it will be not ling before the invasion by land. And in that moment they will need all the assets they have.

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