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Syria, the ground offensive of the SDF against Isis at Hajin begins

The ground offensive of the SDF against Isis takes off. In a few hours hell will break loose at the Islamic State’s stronghold at Deir Ezzor

The SDF’s ground offensive against Isis at Hajin has started. Reinforcements for the Operation Round Up have reached the edge of Al_Hawamah, one of the outmost suburbs of the stronghold of the Islamic State. With them are the Kurdish special forces HAT and the International advisers, who will provide assistance in lighting up the targets to be hit from a distance. Moreover, numerous tanks and armored vehicles have arrived in the area. A sign that soon in this area hell will break loose. And this is confirmed by the fact that in the past hours there has been a mass exodus of hundreds of local inhabitants from the areas controlled by Daesh south of Deir Ezzor. Civilians have gone towards Kharanij and Al Buhray in the east, to run away from violence. Shortly more groups of persons are expected, which will be evacuated through the humanitarian corridors prepared previously.

Here are the first threats Operation Round Up will have to face in the maneuvers against Daesh

The first threat to be eliminated by the SDF comes from the mines and improvised explosive devices (IED) scattered by Daesh in the outskirts of Hajin. This elimination would allow the vehicles of the Operation Round Up to proceed without major risks. The second one comes from the snipers of the Islamic State. They are a real pain, however the experience achieved by the Arab-Kurdish forces in previous battles in Syria, should put a stop to the problem. Finally, there is the network of tunnels which crosses the stronghold of Daesh. The tunnels should be concentrated mainly towards the centre of the city and, therefore, at least in the initial phase of the maneuvers, would only marginally influence their progress. The problem of civilians used by militiamen as human shields remains. It seems that while in the suburbs they are a limited number, they tend to grow as you get closer to the old town and to the key points. The incognita of civilians used my militiamen as human shields remains. In the outskirts they are a limited number, but this number grows as you get closer to the historical centre and to the crucial areas. Also the danger of the militiamen at the moment is relative. IS very probably has concentrated its defenses in strategic spots.
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