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Syria, the defeat of Isis by the SDF at Dashisha was pitiless

At Deir Ezzor the balance after the battle through which the SDF freed Dashisha from Isis was fierce for the militiamen. Daesh lost over 600 kilometers in less than one month

At Deir Ezzor the balance of the recent battle through which the SDF freed Dashisha from Isis was merciless for the militiamen. The forces of the Operation Round Up launched a procedure to clear the area from Daesh only on 3 June 2018. They did this along two axes: the western one from Al-Shaddadi and the eastern one from Alhol. In less than a month of clashes, the Islamic State was chased out from an area of 600 square kilometers including also Tel Safuk, on the border between Syria and Iraq. Here the Arab-Kurdish troops met the SDF on the 24 June to discuss the future steps of the war against the jihadists in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV). Moreover, hundreds of civilians were freed and teams of engineers dismantled many mines and tunnels used by the fundamentalists against their enemy.

The deaths in the ranks of the Islamic State were 274, while in those of the Operation Round Up only 3. Without counting the weapons, vehicles and equipment lost

The figure Isis has more difficulty to accept is the one related to their losses at Deir Ezzor. The Islamic State in the Dashisha campaign lost 287 militiamen. 274 (among which 4 emirs) lost their lives in the battles against the SDF. Another 13, instead, were captured by the Arab-Kurdish forces which had only 3 lost and 29 injured by Daesh. To these results one must add the enormous amount of weapons and vehicles confiscated or destroyed in the eastern Syrian province. Starting from RPG rocket launchers to machine guns and mortars, and also trucks, cars and motorcycles. And not even the control centers of the jihadists were spared. Eight of them were destroyed with several jihadists inside. Also many radio communication devices and mobile phones of the fundamentalists were found, and were sent to the intelligence for them to analyze.

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