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Syria, the Coalition announces a ground attack of SDF against Isis at Hajin

Syria, The Coalition Announces A Ground Attack Of SDF Against Isis At Hajin

Inherent Resolve announces the beginning of the ground offensive of the SDF against Isis at Hajin. The civilians are invited to escape before Operation Round Up starts the invasion

The mass ground attack of the SDF against Isis at Hajin is ready. This is confirmed by the last launch of leaflets on the city at Deir Ezzor, in which the International Coalition announces the beginning of the maneuvers against the Islamic State and urges the local population to leave. Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) and Inherent Resolve, in fact, first of all neutralized the supply routes of the jihadists in the Syrian province. Afterwards they destroyed the Daesh deposits of weapons and ammunition in the area. At the same time humanitarian corridors were prepared to evacuate civilians from the areas of conflict and reinforcements to the Arab-Kurdish troops in the quadrant arrived, while the surrounding surface was cleared of mines to allow the movement of vehicles and units. As a consequence, everything was ready for the invasion of the stronghold which is expected to be tough, because of the thick network of tunnels used by the militiamen in the whole residential area.

Meanwhile, the militiamen of the Islamic State are escaping towards the south of Deir Ezzor at the border with Iraq. The Daesh jihadists are abandoning their homes at Sha’Fah and going towards Sousa and Baghouz

In the meantime, Isis militiamen are moving south of Deir Ezzor, trying to reach the border between Syria and Iraq as soon as possible. In the last hours the intelligence has reported flows of jihadists of the Islamic State abandoning their homes at Sha’Fah to go to Sousa and Baghuz. The militiamen, in fact, are afraid of being hit by the wave of the Operation Round Up at Hajin and are doing everything they can to get away as possible from the quadrant. At least till they still have a chance to do so. After the Daesh stronghold these will be the two cities to be attacked, unless there’s a joint offensive of the SDF on several areas. In this case, any attempt to escape will be vain. Indeed even counterproductive, as it will distribute the resources of the terrorists undermining the general defenses.

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