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Syria, the big offensive of the SAA against Isis in Suweida starts

Syria, The Big Offensive Of The SAA Against Isis In Suweida Starts

The new maxi offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) against Isis in Suweida starts. Goal: to drive out the Islamic State from Al-Safa. It seems that all the Druze hostages have also already been freed

The new maxi offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) against Isis in Suweida has begun. The soldiers of Damascus and their partners, arrived in force in the last hours. After some preventive bombings against the Islamic State, have started to advance in the area of ​​Al-Safa. It is believed that around 1,500 Daesh militiamen are still hiding inside the volcanic area. It also seems that Assad’s troops and allies have already freed all the Druze civil hostages, 19, members of the group kidnapped by militia on July 25 after a massacre. This was announced by the state TV, but at the moment there are no other confirmations. Several terrorists died in the clashes, but also some members of the SAA and Hezbollah-IRGC, who support the Assad contingent.

At Deir Ezzor, the Coalition and the SDF prevent Daesh from spreading to the east. In the south the jihadists are blocked by the Iraqi PMF. For the jihadists the only way is to the west, towards Abu Kamal. If there is an offensive by the militia, it will be on two axes

Meanwhile, the bombing of the Coalition and the SDF on the Isis posts in the cities are continuing in Deir Ezzor. From Hajin to Susah, passing through Sha’fah. Further south, in the Baghuz area, the Islamic State is being attacked by the Iraqi PMF and in the east the Jazeera Storm forces block any attempt by the jihadists to advance to Iraq. A Daesh cell attempted a raid on the Al-Azraq oil fields, but was repelled with losses. The militiamen, despite having taken part of the territory lost in the last month, can not push to the east. As a result, they are heading west, in the direction of Abu Kamal. So much so that they have already attacked the SAA in the quadrant. For now with the missiles, but soon they will send fighters. In fact, the Syrian army is reinforcing the garrisons along the Euphrates, in anticipation of a possible double IS offensive. This would be launched both from the east of the Euphrates and from the Badia desert.

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