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Syria, the assault at the last stronghold of Isis starts at Deir Ezzor: Hajin

The offensive of the SDF against Isis at Hajin starts at Deir Ezzor. Raids in the suburbs while reinforcements and supplies reach the troops. Very soon the attack against the Islamic State will be launched

The offensive of the SDF against Isis started at Deir Ezzor, Hajin, the very last stronghold left in the Syrian province. The forces of the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) are tightening the circle around the Islamic State in the area and at the same time are continuing to raid the suburbs of the city. The objective is to close in more and more the Islamic State, isolating the Daesh jihadists and forcing them to escape to the west, towards the desert of Dadia and Suweida. Meanwhile, the Arab-Kurdish troops are receiving reinforcements and supplies, essential for the invasion of the residential area. Once they have succeeded in this, they will move to Sha’fah and Harse, in an effort to cancel definitely any presence of militiamen in the west of the Euphrates. As a consequence, defections of terrorists have become more frequent, especially at the top level. As a matter of fact, in the past hours, the SDF have arrested an Isis “emir”, who was trying to infiltrate from Syria into Iraq fleeing from his own comrades.

In the south west of Syria Daesh is pressed by the SAA at Quneitra and is trying to extend its influence at Suweida

Also in the south western area of Syria things are not going well for Isis. In southern Quneitra the army of Damascus (SAA) is intensely bombarding Shajarah, Bayt Arrah and Abidin. These are the last areas still controlled by the Islamic State west of Daraa, at the border with Israel and Jordan. Moreover, ground maneuvers are going on here to chase the jihadists from the quadrant in the shortest time possible. Most of these are taking refuge at Suweida, which at present, a part from periodic air raids, is not being attacked. The region is becoming the last bastion of Daesh in Syria, to the extent that elements both from west and east (Deir Ezzor) are converging here. Here, in fact, the group is trying to extend its influence by attacking local villages. And, a few hours ago, about a dozen Druse women were kidnapped after their villages had been assaulted.

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