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Syria, The 4 pillars of the Isis defense in Hajin against the SDF do not hold

The SDF have driven Isis out about half of Hajin. The Islamic State against Jazeera Storm uses in vain tunnel networks, IED; snipers and civilians as human shields

The SDF released about half of Hajin from Isis. Nevertheless, the techniques used by the Islamic State to counter the Operation Round Up troops (Jazeera Storm). The Daesh militia, in fact, base the defense of the stronghold at Deir Ezzor on four pillars: the dense network of underground tunnels, which crosses the whole city; mines and improvised bombs (IEDs) placed by jihadists on all major routes of communication, in order to delay the movements of Syrian fighters; snipers located on rooftops and in other areas to hit the enemy’s assets, and civilians as human shields, to avoid being attacked. The strategy, however, is not working as it should. So much so that in a short time from the resumption of the offensive, the Arab-Kurdish forces have halved the freedom of movement of terrorists in the area, conquering key locations such as the market and the hospital.

The Arab-Kurdish forces take back the whole Baghuz quadrant in the MERV to Daesh and now they are pointing to Harse

In addition, Isis lost Baghuz again against the SDF after just a few days of fighting. Jazeera Storm has completely taken over the area and moves towards Harse. This is also thanks to the air raids and attacks with the artillery of the Iraqi forces, which have incessantly hit the positions of the Islamic State in the quadrant. Indirect support also came from the Syrian army (SAA), which attacked the militia Daesh, after suffering several attacks in the area of ​​Abu Kamal. In fact, jihadism has long been trying to escape to the west of the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV), in the direction of the Badia desert. They try to create a safe corridor beyond the river, which passes through the territories controlled by Damascus soldiers. and to do this they do not hesitate to attack the SAA with mortars or surprise raids by small groups, so far all rejected.

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