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Syria, some Isis chiefs killed at Deir Ezzor. Are Sand Hippos already in action?

The Sand Hippos at Deir Ezzor may have already come into action against Isis, although the sandstorm has not yet begun. Mysteriously different leaders of the Islamic State died. Officially in the Coalition raid

The Sand Hippos at Deir Ezzor may have already come into action against Isis, despite the impending sand storm in the area has not yet come. It seems that the mysterious group, taking advantage of the rains that made the land muddy, killed the commander of the Islamic State Abothan al-Jazihad in the Hajin area. Formally the jihadist leader died as a result of a raid by the International Coalition, but there is no confirmation of the actual causes of death. In addition, in the past few hours another handful of middle and low-level leaders in the Syrian province lost their lives. They also officially died as a result of aerial bombardment. The “ghosts”, moreover, are preparing for a maxi manhunt of the Daesh leaders, which will start as soon as the atmospheric phenomenon begins. Their movements will be covered by the SDF of Jazeera Storm, left to guard the quadrant to avoid further expansion of the jihadists.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) receives reinforcements to the west of the Euphrates. It fears Daesh offensives in Abu Kamal and further north

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) begins to worry about possible Isis attacks to the west of the Euphrates. Damascus soldiers in the area of ​​Abu Kamal, Deir Ezzor and Mayadeen are receiving huge reinforcements. These, also composed of pro-Iranian Shiite paramilitary militias, will increase security against likely Islamic State offensives. The goal of Daesh, in fact, is to bring together the two pockets in the quadrant. The one east of the river and the other in the Badia desert. And to do this it has already begun to launch attacks, even if sporadic for now. In the last 6 contractors of the Russian Wagner agency and 5 soldiers of the SAA died, following an explosion at the headquarters of the Fifth Army Corps. Furthermore, there is an increase in IS movements on the Euphrates. Which makes fear of imminent actions.

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