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Syria, SDF have driven Isis out of more than half of Hajin. Daesh is in chaos

Syria, SDF Have Driven Isis Out Of More Than Half Of Hajin. Daesh Is In Chaos

The SDF have driven Isis out of more than half of Hajin and are still advancing. Jazeera Storm arrived at the Al-Sultan mosque and the Health Center, forcing the militiamen of the Islamic State to retreat southwards

The SDFs in Deir Ezzor have expelled Isis from over 50% of Hajin. Operation Round Up troops continue to advance against the Islamic State inside the stronghold and have arrived at the Al-Sultan Mosque on the 20th street and at the Health Center. Daesh militiamen try to respond with snipers and auto-bombs (SVBIED), but without results. In fact, they are forced to backward to the south. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues to bomb IS stations and provide close air support (CAS) to Syrian fighters. In the past week, the Inherent Resolve assets have carried out more than 200 attacks on more than 400 terrorist targets in the city. Instead, the Arab-Kurdish forces, in addition to pushing terrorists on the ground, carry out the evacuations of civilians through the humanitarian corridors, in the direction of safer areas in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV).

Meanwhile, a video taken by a Daesh leader’s GoPro confirms that the jihadists are in disarray. They do not execute orders, cry and flee from the battle, abandoning their commander

Moreover, Isis ad Hajin is in total confusion. This is confirmed by a video released by the SDF and taken by the GoPro of a commander of the Islamic State, killed in the stronghold in recent days: Abu Ayman al-Iraqi. In the video there are Daesh jihadists in total confusion and fear. They also disobey their leader and flee the battle against Syrian forces, abandoning their commander. The registration shows that chaos reigns in the city of Deir Ezzor. The recent escapes or killings / arrests of the leaders have in fact annihilated the IS chain of command. As a result, there is no more discipline or organization of defenses. In fact, Jazeera Storm advanced rapidly and has already taken over half of the stronghold.

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