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Syria, SDF attack simultaneously all the Isis strongholds at Deir Ezzor

The SDF of Operation Round Up attack all the Isis strongholds at Deir Ezzor simultaneously. In the suburbs of Hajin and Sha’fah fighting against the Islamic State is going on, while Baghuz has been entered and several buildings conquered

The SDF are attacking Isis simultaneously in all the strongholds south of Deir Ezzor. Operation Round up (Jazeera Storm) is advancing against the Islamic State along two directions in the Syrian province: in the east and in the south. The first one started from Kishma and at the moment is fighting in the suburbs of Hajin e Sha’fah. The second one is concentrating on Baghuz. Here it seems that the Arab-Kurdish forces have actually entered the city and are fighting from inside. As a matter of fact they would also have already conquered some buildings. In all the battles are reported dozens of militiamen killed and others captured. These are about twenty terrorists. In parallel with the maneuvers, the air fighters of the Global Coalition are providing close air support (CAS) to the troops on the ground and are continuing to strike the Daesh posts in the whole area east of the Euphrates.

The Syrian army (SAA) wants to divide the Daesh militiamen in the Badia desert in 2 separate and isolated groups. To do this, first they have to conquer the road which cuts through the quadrant and that leads to the pumping station T3

Meanwhile, also the offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) against Isis continues in the Badia desert between Homs and Deir Ezzor. The soldiers of Damascus have chased the Islamic State out from Wadi Salhub and Bi’r Hajjah. Now they are advancing along the road which divides in two the quadrant and which leads to the pumping station T3. The first objective of the troops is to liberate it to divide the Daesh militiamen into two separate and isolated pockets of resistance. At the moment, however, about 24 kilometers of this road are still in the hands of the jihadists. Moreover, the soldiers have to chase terrorists out from other strategic places: the gas field of Doubayat and the residential areas of Bir Naji, Barabij, Sarayim and Nayriyah. At Suweida, instead, a new video showing the hostages in the hands of the IS was distributed, in which these are asking for help to be freed after the failure of the last negotiations.

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