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Syria, pro-Iran militias “move house” due Israel’s strikes

The pro-Iranian militias “move house” in Syria, due to the continuous strikes of Israel especially in Deir Ezzor but not only. The new bases will be in Palmyra and Damascus

The pro-Iranian militias operating in Syria “move house” following the growing number of air raids by Israel. The latest strike took place just a few hours ago and targeted a paramilitary base in Abu Kamal (Deir Ezzor). Following this, their relocation to other areas was established. From Palmyra to Damascus. The goal is to settle in large population centers and densely populated areas to reduce the possibility of suffering attacks due to the risk of collateral damage. The troops move in small convoys and without visible weapons, in order to have more chances to go unnoticed until they arrive at their destination. The Jerusalem Post confirms this, reporting that the men of the Liwa Fatemiyoun were transferred to the city of the Homs governorate, while the Brigade 313 to Set Zaynab, in the quadrant of the capital.

The sudden relocation of the militias create problems for the Syrian army (SAA) against Isis in Abu Kamal. The arrival of Liwa al-Quds, linked to Russia, could not change the situation

The sudden relocation of the pro-Iranian militias create many problems for the Syrian army (SAA) especially in Deir Ezzor. The SAA, in fact, will no longer be able to enjoy their protection, above all to reject and counter the new Isis offensive. The Liwa al-Quds jihadists, from Aleppo and linked to Russia, came to support the soldiers in Abu Kamal. These, however, could not have the same capabilities as their predecessors (in particular aerial surveillance) and above all the same orders. Consequently, it is not excluded that they will operate autonomously pursuing an agenda that does not always coincide with that desired by Damascus. Furthermore, they are unlikely to act in an offensive posture against Daesh, with long-range patrols in the desert of Badia al-Sham. More likely, their task will be monitor what is happening east of the Euphrates on Inherent Resolve and the SDF side.

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