Syria, new axis for the SDF against Isis in the Middle Euphrates Valley

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The offensive of the SDF against Isis in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) at Deir Ezzor speeds up. The Operation Round Up receives reinforcements from Suwar and the mobile phone operator MTN returns at Raqqa

The offensive of the SDF against Isis in the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) at Deir Ezzor speeds up. While the main contingent of the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) moves down southwards along the border between Syria and Iraq, at Suwar reinforcements for the Arab-Kurdish troops are on the way. They will launch a new series of maneuvers against the Islamic State, entering the MERV from west. It is not clear whether they will go towards their comrades to join them, or whether they will attack Daesh in the south quadrant of the area. Actually, at present the SDF for the last stage of the campaign against the jihadists in the province can count on dozens of thousands of fighters. Only the ones of the Deir Ezzor Military Council are 11.500, led by Ahmad al-Khubail Abu Khawla al-Akidi. Meanwhile, life in the region is going back to normal. The mobile phone provider of MTN reopened at Raqqa after 5 years.

East of Daraa the Syrian army (SAA) is gradually pushing the Islamic State towards the border with Jordan. Daesh will be stuck in a cul de sac

In the meantime, east of Daraa, Isis is escaping from the air raids which the Syrian army (SAA) is launching on Tasil and is falling back more and more towards the south. The militiamen of the Islamic State took control of Hayt when the Free Syrian Army (FSA) surrendered abandoning the area and after handing over their heavy weapons. As a consequence, the jihadists are getting closer and closer to the border with Jordan and cannot go back. The objective of Damascus is to chase Daesh at the frontier, using their air force to attack all the cities in the area. From Al Jamlah to Saham al Jawlan. In this way the terrorists are pushed gradually towards the cul de sac and soon also the ground offensive of the SAA will restart from Tafas and from Al Shari.