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Syria, maxi reinforcements for the SDF in view of the offensive against Isis at Hajin

The SDF of the Operation Round Up receive a maxi contingent of reinforcements in view of the ground offensive against Isis at Hajin. The attack against Daesh within a few days

A large contingent of reinforcements was received in the south of Deir Ezzor for the SDF. Probably the last big one of this kind for Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), before it launches the maxi ground offensive against Isis at Hajin. The beginning of the anti-Daesh maneuvers is actually imminent. The Arab-Kurdish forces prepared humanitarian corridors to evacuate the local population while the continuing air raids destroyed the communication lines, as well as the Islamic State routes in the area. In the meantime, the air attacks and the bombing of the artillery on the city continue. The objective is to maintain the maximum pressure on the jihadists, so that they cannot tell how and when the attack will be launched, and also consequently organize defenses capable to make the Syrian fighters lose momentum. However, the attack should take off very shortly. It’s a matter of days.

The Syrian army (SAA) blocks an attempt of the Islamic State to open a corridor between the Badia desert and Iraq

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) is blocking any attempt of Isis to extend the controlled area in the Badia desert and is moving, though slowly, at Suweida. On the first front, the soldiers of Damascus rejected an attack of the Islamic State near the Aweiraz dam and bombed the barricades of the militiamen in the area of the T2 pumping station in the district of Bardah. The objective of the terrrorists is to extend their territory towards the border with Iraq to find a possible route to escape from Syria. Also in view of the beginning of the SDF maneuvers at Hajin. On the second, the militaries continue the offensive at Al-Safa, defended till the end by a group of Daesh jihadists. The maneuvers in the quadrant have reached the 15th day and is very near their end.

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