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Syria, mass escapes of Isis from the SDF, south of Deir Ezzor, continue

Syria, Mass Escapes Of Isis From The SDF, South Of Deir Ezzor, Continue

Mass escapes of Isis militaries continue from South of Deir Ezzor. The Daesh defectors point towards the Badia desert and Iraq to avoid the Operation Round Up of the SDF at Hajin

Isis militiamen continue trying to escape from Deir Ezzor, while the first phases of the SDF offensives at Hajin intensify. The two main destinations of the fugitives are the Badia desert, west of the Euphrates, and Iraq. And the ISF of Baghdad intercepted 3 jihadists of the Islamic State just infiltrated at Anbar. As could be expected, after the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) had started to attack the city, the number of defections and drop outs of the terrorists increased. It is not a coincidence that some were executed by their own comrades for high treason. And also, the Syrian army (SAA) is closing ranks at Abu Kamal, to prevent escapes from the west. However, despite this, the flux is continuing in both directions and – as soon as the Arab-Kurdish forces begin the invasion of the stronghold –  will increase further.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) is taking land away from the Islamic State at Suweida. The SAA conquers the Damietta dam and besieges Al-Safa

In the meanwhile, the Syrian army takes more vital space away from Isis at Suweida. The soldiers are chasing the Islamic State away from the Damietta dam south of Al-Dars and besieging Al-Safa. Daesh by now controls only a few kilometers of territory, in a mountainous area. As a consequence, the militaries have to hunt down the jihadists meter by meter. On the other hand there are less and less of them left and with a very low morale. They know that if they don’t either surrender or reach an agreement with Damascus their end is marked. The only card left for the militiamen to play is the one of the civilian hostages, kidnapped on 25 July in the quadrant and still in their hands. Till now, however, any attempt to sign an agreement in this regard has failed.

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