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Syria, lice and crabs reap more Isis victims than the SDF at Hajin

Syria, Lice And Crabs Reap More Isis Victims Than The SDF At Hajin

The Isis militiamen at Hajin are invaded by lice and crabs, which have caused an epidemic of typhus and recurrent fever. The Islamic State at Deir Ezzor risks losing many elements because of the disease

The Isis militiamen at Hajin are fighting against an opponent more fearful than the SDF: lice and crabs. These were brought in by the jihadists coming from the north east of Deir Ezzor (Middle Euphrates Valley) and from the north west (the Badia desert), when they moved towards the south of the Syrian province, escaping from the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm). The poor hygienic conditions in the stronghold of the Islamic State made it possible for them to spread rapidly, causing a typhoid epidemic and relapsing fever among the militiamen. This is confirmed by the fact that in the city you can frequently see small columns of smoke, a sign that they are burning clothes in an effort to limit the epidemics. These, however, are going on and are threatening to debilitate the IS elements guarding the town, undermining the general defenses.

Daesh also in Iraq has had to face a similar problem last year: an epidemic of scabies due to poor hygiene added to the life in the tunnels. But even Hajin hosts a large network of tunnels, which will be used to defend itself from the offensive of the SDF

In any case, a similar situation had already occurred in Iraq, always with Isis as a protagonist. At Tal Afar, more or less in the same period during 2017, there was an outbreak of scabies epidemic. This was due to two causes: the first was the poor hygienic conditions in the city and the second the low exposure to the sun by the Daesh militiamen in the area. These, in fact, lived principally under ground in the network of tunnels dug by the jihadists to escape from Iraqi air force bombings. As s consequence, there was a rapid diffusion of the disease and the leaders of the Islamic State ordered their men to use permethrin, a drug also used as an insecticide. Hajin too risks a similar situation, as under the town runs a dense network of tunnels, created to protect the terrorists from the air raids and from the ground invasion of the SDF.

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