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Syria, Isis’s latest weapon against the SDF at Deir Ezzor are motorbikes

Syria, Isis’s Latest Weapon Against The SDF At Deir Ezzor Are Motorbikes

The last weapon of Isis against the SDF at Deir Ezzor are the motorbikes. The Islamic State used them to slaughter and abduct defenseless civilians in Al-Bahra, taking advantage of the sandstorm. But the tactic, just finished the atmospheric event, will be ineffective

The last weapon of Isis to Deir Ezzor against the SDF are the motorbikes. The Islamic State militiamen confirmed this in their attacks on Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) during the sandstorm, which is affecting the Syrian province. The jihadists make great use of it, as they are fast and manageable, against an enemy that moves with heavy, and therefore slower, assets. The bikes are used for hit and run actions, with remote coverage of pick-ups equipped with rocket launchers, cannons and machine guns. Thanks to them, they raided near Hajin, killing mostly defenseless civilians in the Al-Bahra camp and kidnapping others. The Arab-Kurdish force, however, managed to evacuate most of the displaced in safe areas. But, once the storm is over, the situation will change. In fact, Daesh bikes will be ineffective against Syrian fighters.

Daesh militiamen attacked Jazeera Storm also in other areas of the Syrian province, always rejected. The surprise mass offensive, however, is a sign of weakness. The jihadists are afraid because the SDF are too close to their “core”

The SDF meanwhile also improving the defenses of fixed and mobile structures to prevent a similar event from happening again. Furthermore, specific countermeasures are being taken against the new Isis tactic, which was however rejected and also caused losses among the jihadists. There are at least 20 militia bodies of the Islamic State found at Al-Bahra. Sudden aggression is a clear signal that Syrian fighters are approaching the “core” of Daesh-controlled areas too quickly. The latter sent numerous elements around the area, leving the strongholds (Hajin, Sha’Fah and Susah) less defended. This, despite the high risk of being counterattacked, which would have had catastrophic outcomes. As a result, now, they try everything to stop the enemy before it is too late.


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