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Syria, Isis tries in vain for new attacks on the SDFs in Deir Ezzor

Syria, Isis Tries In Vain For New Attacks On The SDFs In Deir Ezzor

Isis tries again to attack the SDF at Deir Ezzor, exploiting a second sandstorm. Jazeera Storm, however, was ready and the Islamic State was repulsed

Isis tries again to attack the SDF at Deir Ezzor, exploiting a second sandstorm that occurred a few hours ago. The jihadists of the Islamic State have launched some offensives against Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops in different areas of the Syrian province. Both with elements on motorcycles and light vehicles, and with mortars, cannons and snipers. In particular, terrorists have tried in vain to take control of the roads linking the oil fields to the cities in the area. Above all those towards Susah. The Arab-Kurdish forces, however, were prepared and repulsed the attacks, causing several deaths and injuries among the militia. The International Coalition also participated in the maneuvers, providing Close Air Support (CAS) to the fighters on the ground, bombing the IS outpost and fortifications. Finally, in Hajin, the fundamentalists resumed moving back to the center.

In Suweida, developments are expected on the possible exchange of prisoners between Damascus and Daesh, mediated by Russia

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) continues to remain on standby in Suweida, after the agreement reached with Isis thanks to Russian mediation. It seems, in fact, that within the next 48 hours there will be an exchange of prisoners between the parties. The Islamic State will free some civil hostages captured on July 25 in the Al-Safa area. There are speculations of 18 children and 9 women. In return, some female prisoners will be released in the Damascus and SDF jails. These should especially be the wives, daughters and sisters of the Daesh jihadists. The tension, however, remains high. In fact, it is not guaranteed that the operation will be successful. At that point, the fighting would start again and there is the risk that the militia will execute the hostages, as promised in the past. So much so that sit-ins, led by some local tribal leaders, are being conducted to push towards the exchange.

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