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Syria, Isis retreats against SDF in all southern Deir Ezzor. Baghuz almost freed

The SDF have almost freed Baghuz from Isis definitely. The Islamic State tries to counterattack, but fails and loses control over the territory in the city

Between the SDF and Isis all-out fighting is going on in the south of Deir Ezzor. At Baghuz, almost completely conquered by Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm), the Islamic State militiamen try to counterattack, failing, the posts conquered by the Syrian fighters, using artillery and motorcycles. During these clashes many jihadists died, while the Arab-Kurdish troops reported only two injured. Not only, they also liberated another four vital areas inside the city. Moreover, bomb squads entered the ex stronghold and started to clear the area from the devices placed by the terrorists. Both in the outskirts and in the central areas, including the main road. Evidence that the IS has almost been eliminated from the entire quadrant. The terrorists, however, are exhausted. This is confirmed by the hundreds of fundamentalists that have surrendered to the SDF. We are talking of over 140 elements only at Hajin.

At Hajin Operation Round Up proceeds cautiously against Daesh. The objective is to consolidate the results, avoiding mines and snipers

Also further north, between Hajin and Sha’fah, violent clashes between the SDF and Isis are reported. The Islamic State militiamen are carrying out hit and run attacks and remote bombing with their artillery against the posts of Operation Round Up. The Syrian fighters, however, after entering the stronghold of Deir Ezzor are consolidating their conquests, before proceeding towards the centre. The jihadists replied with mines, improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide bombers and snipers. However, these are tactics familiar to the Arab-Kurdish forces, who know how to react. So, despite the violence and intensity of the battles, the SDF had only two dead and several wounded. In this context, the International Coalition provides close air support (CAS) to the troops on the ground with several air sorties carried out in the last hours.

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