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Syria, Isis militiamen are trying to escape from Hajin to avoid the SDF offensive

Syria, Isis Militiamen Are Trying To Escape From Hajin To Avoid The SDF Offensive

More and-more militiamen of the Islamic State try to escape from Hajin, at Deir Ezzor, as the SDF prepare to attack it and the International Coalition intensifies the air raids

The Isis militiamen at Deir Ezzor try to escape from Hajin while the SDF are finalizing the preparations for a ground offensive against the stronghold. In the past hours the forces of ’the operation Round Up (Cizire Storma) have arrested two jihadists of the Islamic State, who were trying to leave the city disguised in civilian clothes and hidden amidst the population evacuating the area. They are only the last of a series stopped by the Arab-Kurdish troops in the last days after the arrival of enemy assets in the area and the intensification of the air raids of the International Coalition. Inherent Resolve, in fact, launched eight attacks in Syria between the 23rd and 29th July, hitting 9 Daesh targets. Mainly in the area of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal). After this they destroyed the communication lines, the defensive positions and some of the supply routes used by the jihadists.

Isis, which has practically lost against the Syrian army (SAA) at Quneitra, is now trying to get reorganized at Suweida. But Daesh is blocked both there and in the desert of Badia

Meanwhile, in the south west of Syria, Isis has practically lost its resistance saga at Quneitra, as a consequence of the offensive of the army of Damascus (SAA). The Islamic State is left with only two areas west of the Euphrates: Suweida, where it is trying to increase its presence, and the desert of Badia. The first area is where the jihadists escaped from the other parts of the middle eastern country converged. Here they trying to extend their territory by attacking villages and kidnapping civilians, but the SAA has reinforced in the last hours all the villages in the quadrant. And, as a consequence, their advance is destined to slow down if not to stop altogether. In the second, finally, the situation remains stable for now. Except for occasional attempts to attack the soldiers in the north of Abu Kamal, which were all rejected.

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