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Syria, Isis lost half of its territory in the Middle Euphrates valley (MERV)

In Syria the territory controlled by Isis in the Middle Euphrates valley (MERV) at Deir Ezzor is halved. The SDF of the Operation Round Up advance southwards along the Iraqi border, while waiting for the final offensive against the Islamic State at Hajin

In Syria the territory controlled by Isis almost halved at Deir Ezzor in the Middle Euphrates valley (MERV). The SDF of the Operation Round Up in no time gained all the strongholds of the Islamic State in the governate of Hasakah and drastically reduced free movement of the Daesh jihadists west of the Euphrates from Suwar to the border with Iraq. So that the Arab-Kurdish forces are now pointing towards the south, proceeding in parallel to the frontier. Thanks to the support of the ISF of Baghdad they are planning to rapidly completely eliminate the pocket of the resistance of the fundamentalists. This would enable them to concentrate on the final offensive in the province. Between Hajin and Harse, at the moment under constant areal pressure from the International Coalition and the Iraqi air-force. The objective is to prevent the reorganization of efficient defenses of IS before the arrival of the forces from the west.

The Syrian army (SAA) is about to divide in two the area controlled by the FSA west of Daraa. The strategy at Quneitra is the same as for Ghouta, Deir Ezzor and Aleppo. However, pressing on Daesh at Tasil continues

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) has practically divided in two the last area still under the influence if the rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) west of Daraa. The soldiers of Damascus have conquered Harrah and the near hillside, from where the Golan heights controlled by Israel can be seen. Moreover, there has been bombings at Nabah al-Sakr and at Koum al-Basha. As soon as the two urban centers (in the rural area of Quneitra) will be taken over, the quadrant will be split in two. Just like in all the past offensives of the SAA: from east Ghouta to Aleppo and Deir Ezzor. In parallel , the Syrian air fighters are continuing to attack Isis at Tasil and the surrounding area. Their objective is to push the militiamen of the Islamic State towards the border with Jordan, in order to close them in a cul de sac.

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