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Syria, Isis into chaos at Hajin: the Islamic State executes 9 commanders

Isis at Hajin is into complete chaos. The Islamic State executes 9 commanders, who had attempted to escape from the stronghold at Deir Ezzor as the SDF offensive was getting closer

Isis at Hajin is more and more into chaos. In the past hours the jihadists of the Islamic State executed for high treason 9 high commanders in the stronghold at Deir Ezzor. It seems that they had tried to escape, stealing cash from the group’s funds, as soon as the SDF offensive in the area started. As a matter of fact, the Operation Round Up is tightening the circle around Daesh by attacking with artillery and international air fighters. Because of this, the mass escapes of the militiamen towards Iraq or the Badia desert are increasing. To the extent that the ISF of Baghdad regularly, on a daily basis, detect defectors of the formation trying to cross the borders of Syria, mainly in the south east in the desert of Abu Kamal. However, they are not only simple fighters, but leaders who have no scruples in abandoning their men to save their own lives.

The Syrian army (SAA) divides the Daesh pocket of resistance in two at Suweida and is getting ready to launch an offensive in the desert of Badia

Meanwhile, the Syrian army (SAA) at Suweida divided the Isis pocket of resistance in two separate and isolated entities. It is also preparing to attack the militiamen of the Islamic State in the desert of Badia. In the area between Mayadeen and Abu Kamal, however, they are conveying reinforcements to set up the offensive against Daesh between Deir Ezzor and Homs. The maneuvers are expected to start in September, although it still not known whether at the beginning or towards the middle of the month. In the meantime, the soldiers reduced the capacity to attack of the jihadists with raids and targeted actions in the area. Even though the terrorists are continuing to carry out spot actions in the area against the enemy’s posts, with the intent of creating an escape corridor and extend the territory controlled by them.

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