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Syria, Isis in the chaos at Deir Ezzor also for “fault” of Sand Hippos

Syria, Isis In The Chaos At Deir Ezzor Also For “fault” Of Sand Hippos

The terror between the Isis leaders at Deir Ezzor is increasing: executions of alleged spies, civilians or among the jihadists, that would have helped the SDF and the Sand Hippos (even during sandstorms) multiply

Among the Isis leaders in Deir Ezzor, terror is growing towards possible internal attacks, especially by the Sand Hippos, after the repeated mass attacks against the SDF during the sandstorms and the abductions of civilian refugees from the Al-Bahra camp. The jihadists of the Islamic State see enemies everywhere, even within the controlled territories and among their own comrades. This is confirmed by the latest executions of citizens who took place in Sha’Fah on charges of espionage. Before these, the Daesh leadersh executed other local people and militia in Hajin and Susah. Terrorists fear that the mysterious group will not only eliminate leaders of various levels. But that will also provide support for the release of hostages. As happened during the last attacks on the Syrian fighters of Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm).

Sand Hippos’ operations in support of Jazeera Storm during the latest attacks by the Islamic State and the targeted disappearance campaign of Daesh commanders in their territories are raising psychosis among the jihadists. And the situation will get even worse

The Sand Hippos, in fact, have neutralized some Isis weapon systems, which targeted the SDF and the International Coalition fighters during sandstorms. They did it as usual in silence and without leaving traces, if not their usual mark on the wreckage. Furthermore, the mysterious group continues to hit the mid-level heads of the Islamic State within the jihadist-controlled cities. These elements have further alarmed the Daesh leaders, which carry out regular round-ups in search of the alleged spies, which would help the enemy by providing information and logistical support. You do not look at anyone, civilians or militiamen. At the slightest suspicion, tough interrogations and summary trials are carried out, which in most cases end with the execution of the accused. According to local sources, the panic will intensify again in the near future, with the full swing of the SDF offensive in the Syrian province.

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