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Syria, Isis in Deir Ezzor takes revenge on the SDF hitting civilian targets

Isis attack on Qamishlo. The Islamic State seeks revenge for the blows suffered by the SDF, hitting civilian targets

Isis tries to take revenge from the blows suffered by the SDF, with attacks on civilian targets in Deir Ezzor. In recent hours there has been an attack in Qamishlo, attributed to the Islamic State. A car-bomb exploded at the Sony roundabout, causing several casualties. Similar episodes have occurred in other areas of the Syrian province in recent days. It is probably the militia’s response to the latest Jazeera Storm operations to find and neutralize Daesh cells in the quadrant. The last took place in Raqqa and led to the arrest of seven jihadists, as well as the seizure of huge materials and equipment. Furthermore, the Arab-Turkish forces have increased vigilance especially on the Shaddadi Road, which runs along the Euphrates, to intercept the fundamentalist groups that infiltrate the area passing by the river. This has forced IS to look for new routes, as all those used so far have been closed.

Daesh, thanks to the increased vigilance of Jazeera Storm along the Euphrates, is looking for new routes to infiltrate to the East. The last passes north of Deir Ezzor where SAA supervision is even slower than in the rest of the province

Isis, in fact, to find new points of access to the Euphrates in Deir Ezzor is moving. So far the main infiltration area of ​​the Islamic State was in front of Busayrah, also thanks to the intersection with a minor river that allows to move fairly easily in the north-east direction. However, the last operations of the SDF precluded forcing the jihadists to climb back up Deir Ezzor. This is confirmed by the Daesh attack on the village of Muhaimida, an area previously considered relatively quiet, from which it is possible to aim for Hasakah or turn towards Raqqa. Moreover, the Syrian army (SAA), which is expected to be vigilant to the west of the river, has little capacity to control the territory. Especially in the northern quadrant of its area of ​​operations in the province. Consequently, for IS it is the best point to insist on even attacking the SAA soldiers if some of their stations hinder the movements, as happened recently.

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