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Syria, Isis implodes at Deir Ezzor; clashes inside Islamic State at Sha’fah

The execution of 7 Isis fugitives from Sha’fah sets off a firefight between militants causing deaths and injuries

Isis is imploding at Deir Ezzor. In the last hours there was a violent battle between militants of Daesh in the area of Sha’fah following the execution of 7 jihadists who had tried to escape. The fight started as a consequence of the formation of two factions in the group. Some wanted to execute the deserters, but other were against this. As a consequence, they passed from words to action and shortly afterwards a firefight started causing several deaths and injuries, and is still going on. The Islamic State in this area is strongly under pressure due to the Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) operation of the SDF. Furthermore, the continuing raids of the US-led Coalition on the quadrant of the Syrian province, which force terrorists to move exclusively and very cautiously along the tunnel network, have only added more pressure. All this has contributed to create an explosive picture, where a simple disagreement can light the fuse of violence.

The Islamic State in Syria is now confined to Deir Ezzor only and between the various formations there is no longer harmony nor interests and objectives in common

Isis in Syria by now is relegated to Deir Ezzat, except a small group of militants which is trying to take over the refugee camp of al-Yarmouk at Ghouta. The greatest concentration of Daesh elements are, in fact, in the southern area of the province and in north-east, up to the border with Iraq. Furthermore, there is a pocket of resistance, situated in the Hamad desert reaching Homs, in the area of the military base T2. Moreover, the Islamic State in the country is dissolved by now. The different groups, small and big, which still operate under the flag, do so without a common strategy. The various groups act independently and not always with converging interests and objectives. This is confirmed by the fact that some of them were abandoned to their fate, without any of their comrades running to help them. This had caused an intensification of mass escapes, which increases even more internal contrasts.

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