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Syria, Isis at Deir Ezzor tries in vain attacks on the SDF in the Hajin area

Isis attempted to launch a surprise attack on the SDF in Al-Bahra, taking advantage of the fog. Jazeera Storm, however, repulsed the Islamic State militiamen

Isis tries in vain to react to the SDF offensive in Hajin. The militiamen of the Islamic State, taking advantage of a thick fog, launched a surprise counterattack against Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops near the city of Deir Ezzor. For a few hours, there has been a bitter battle between the Syrian fighters and the Daesh militia. These, however, who have attacked the village of al-Bahra with heavy weapons, have been annihilated. Although in the area there are still clashes between the parties. Parallel to the offensive of the Arab-Kurdish forces, the International Coalition continues to bomb the jihadist positions across the quadrant. from Hajin to Sha’Fah. Baghuz, on the other hand, is targeted by Iraqi fighters of ISF, who want to force terrorists to fall back to the north. The goal is to create a safe buffer zone, to evacuate civilians and send reinforcements and supplies to the SDF.

Meanwhile, Daesh multiplies attacks against the Syrian army (SAA) in Abu Kamal. The goal of the jihadists is to open an escape corridor to the Badia desert

Meanwhile, as it was anticipated, the ISIS attacks against the Syrian army (SAA) in Abu Kamal increase. The militiamen of the Islamic State are trying in every way to create an escape corridor from the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) to the Badia desert to the west. That before the imminent offensive of the Damascus soldiers, from the Homs’s side. In recent hours, in fact, Daesh has launched several rockets in the direction of the city. It is not excluded that soon there will also be attacks on the ground by jihadists who have crossed the Euphrates. Or from the desert, as already happened recently in Mayadeen. Meanwhile, the SAA continues to amass forces in the area of ​​Palmyra and As Sukhnah, in anticipation of maneuvers. Reinforcements also coming to Deir Ezzor city. It is not clear, however, whether in a defensive or even offensive posture.

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